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Images of the Mountain West in Photographs and Poems allows you to capture the spirit, scene and scent of the gorgeous mountain west.

As poet Beth Paulson and photographer Don Paulson put it in the book’s introduction, “By jeep or in hiking boots, we have experienced closeup the grandeur and beauty of these lands. In this book, we offer to others, in our images and words, some of the places and experiences we have been inspired to treasure.”

Images of the Mountain West is a hard-backed book of 111 pages, with a full-color photo on each page and a related poem on the facing one. Order the book, own the spirit, scene and scent of the mountain west, for $25 plus $5 shipping.

Sample Photos & Quotes

Fir Tree

Make me like the fir tree draped in falling snow.
Keep me rooted
to the needled earth
through drought and storm…

October Fire

…you will see
the blue catch fire
turning the sky
ochre, then orange,
then red, beyond the bones of trees….

At the Mountain Top

Up here I can almost
touch the changing clouds,
taste the dust of the earth
on my lips, dirt that rests
at the day’s end in the lines
of my rough hands…

Review Of Images of the Mountain West, by Kierstin Bridger:

“This is a catalog of alpine joy, a lush album full of praise and awe for the rugged and the pristine. It is a photographic index of the “green hearted” love Beth and Don share for all the exquisite magnificence of the Mountain West.

“Let there be no argument, these artists, these hikers, these explorers have formed a conversation, sometimes gentle, sometimes probing, queried by shutter and lens and answered by lyrical reverence.

“Before turning the last few pages, you’ll stop. Here the book unlocks one of the most arresting pairings of image and poetry, “Chop Wood, Carry Water “and its adjoining winterscape. In a synergy of black strokes and lines against white canvas a quiet zen reveals itself. If the poet has become a “lean filigree of willows” her partner must surely be the alert buck just outside the frame, so precise are his photographs, so graceful are her words.

“To hold this book in your hands is to become privy to the dialogue held within.  You will be grateful for all the listening that preceded the printer’s hum; the whisper of woodlands, the sound water makes in the early morning, the precise “soft step in dry grass” made by a San Juan deer in velvet. Thank you to Beth and Don Paulson for your keen observation of light and color. Your rigorous witness was necessary to capture the ephemeral splendor of our mountain vistas, the inordinate beauty of the world we all long to preserve. “

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